Artemis School of Speech and Drama (formerly 'The London School of Speech Formation') was founded in 1970 in London by Maisie Jones. This was the first time the training was based in the English language. In 1985 the training moved to East Grinstead in Sussex. In 1990, Maisie handed over the running of the school to Christopher Garvey who is currently the Director of Artemis. Christopher has been working with artistic speech as a teacher, actor and poetry performer for over twenty years.

"Speech as an Art"
a biographical sketch from Christopher Garvey

When I was 21 I met a lady, a teacher of speech, who showed me that speech could be an art: that the sounds of speech could actually create the pictures that the conceptual content of the words was pointing to. And, that the syllable not only gave the rhythmic structure to the piece, but also its musicality i.e. that the syllable was always rising or falling in the stream of language just as notes do in a piece of music.

Not only had I discovered an art, but I realised at the same time that this speech art was also an art of consciousness. The big "I" words Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition now received a concrete content and meaning. I was away! I was looking for a path of inner development and art as well as a means of livelihood. This had to be it!

Thirty six years later, I run a school of speech and drama, where these methods are taught. Their origin is to be found in suggestions made by Rudolf Steiner, whose wife first developed such a training. I called the school Artemis, as I discovered that long ago in ancient Greece, there were certain mysteries of the Word, overseen by this goddess at Ephesus. Is there anything new under the sun? Well, today I am sure our approaches are of necessity very different, but the goal is the same: to unfold the creative power at the core of our being. The "I am", "The Logos" or "Word" that was in the beginning.

Artemis - The Name

In ancient times, the goddess Artemis was revered for three distinct qualities. She is a representative of the fertility of Mother Earth. She is the virgin huntress with bow and arrow who illumines our animal nature and raises it to full human stature. Finally, she was the guardian of the mysteries of speech in the temple of Ephesus, where these words were spoken to the neophyte:

Speak, O Man! And thou revealest through thee the coming into being of worlds.

Artemis guarded the sacred Mystery of the Word, which holds that human speech is destined to grow into a creative power and the human being to become a Divine Being. We have chosen her to inspire our work to be fertile, healing and awakening.

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