An Overview Of All Full Time Courses

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The Foundation Year and 3-year Full time Training


The creative potential in each one of us is like an
inner sun, waiting to rise. Our aim at Artemis is to
kindle this creative power and thus enable each
student to realise a high level of artistic performance.

Artemis offers a 3-year full-time course in speech and
drama. The first year is a foundation year, which can
be taken on its own.

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The training embraces 3 different arts: storytelling, poetry
recitation and acting. Each has its own style, and has a specific
gift for the others. For example, the storyteller must develop
the capacity for communicating vibrant images. When this
is coupled however, with a capacity for creating characters
(the gift of acting), and for lyrical speech (the gift of poetry),
artistry is greatly enhanced.

All classes in both speech and movement are guided by one
inspiring principle: "sound moves - movement speaks". This
inter-relationship of body and voice means that a Chekhov
movement class may well include speech work, and that a class
in poetry may involve elements of dance and improvisation.


The Foundation Year

The foundation year accepts students with a wide age range,
from school leavers to those with years of life experience
behind them. This first year can serve different purposes, from
offering inner renewal and artistic refreshment, to testing a
vocation as a performing artist.

During this year the student experiences how
acting, storytelling and poetry integrate and create the whole performer.

The work is carried out in blocks, weaving dynamically
between the three speech arts, different tutors covering
specific aspects of the work. Every day there is a class
in movement and a class in creative speech. Each term
ends with performances, and a tour is planned for the
end of the year.

Year 2:

Integration & Exploration
The experiences of the first year now have to be owned
and integrated. Each student must create a daily
practice routine, through which the new artistic
faculties grow and develop.

In drama, plays from different periods are selected,
schooling a sense of style. In poetry, the romantic
poets and such 20th century classics as Yeats, Elliot
and Dylan Thomas are explored as well as contemporary
poetry. In storytelling, the whole range is covered,
from myths and legends, fairy tales and folk tales, to
biography and modern fiction.
This year is crucial and allows the student to really
open up and explore. Breaking out of the comfort zone
the individual reaches a new level of artistic
understanding as well as improved communication
skills.Through applying these different approaches the
individual can experiment and truly establish
themselves as an artist.

Year 3:The Performer

The 3rd year is dedicated to achieving a professional
standard in performance in all three arts.
With a whole term being given to each performance,
the students greatly benefit from having time to enjoy
both the process of artistic creation and honing
performance skills. The students also budget and
organise their own tours in the UK with the help of
the office staff. Bridging the gap between education
and employment, the final year paves the way to the
graduates' future success.

The speech class

The speech class is a daily event of 1.5 hours.
The beginning of speech work lies in the exercising of
body and breath. It continues with study of the
speech sounds and rhythms (including hexameter and
alliteration). The 3-fold speech instrument is
explored and mastered in its relationship to drama,
poetry and storytelling.

The Movement Class

We employ 3 main movement methods:

1: Bot hmer gymnastics and Greek Pentathlon.
This connects the actor dynamically with the surrounding
energy field and builds presence.

2: Eurythmy. This opens up an inner experience of
the soul of language in its dance discipline.

3: Michael Chekhov's Psychophysical

Diplomas & accreditation

Towards the end of the foundation year, students can
take the Trinity Guildhall ATCL exam in speech and
drama. This is the equivalent of first year
university exams. In the final year students can take
the LTCL, which is the equivalent of a BA degree.
Those who complete the Artemis training may also
receive the Goetheanum Diploma in Speech and Drama.
This enables students to gain employment in
institutions affiliated to the Steiner movement as
well as train in anthroposophical therapeutic speech.


Applications of the training

The training is both practical and vocational,
developing tools and skills that offer the graduate a
strong platform from which to work.
Graduates go on to make careers in the performing
arts, education, therapeutic speech and in business.

Term Times

The full time course begins in mid September and continues through
until the end of June. Each term consists of 12 weeks, with a week
for half term.



At Artemis, all the great theatre practitioners since
Stanislavski are taken as sources of inspiration.
Special mention must be made of Rudolf and Marie
Steiner, who inaugurated the art of creative speech
and Michael Chekhov's Psycho-Physical acting technique
that provide the foundation elements in the school.


New Artistic English Course

Artemis is offering a one year course that combines learning English with the arts of speech and drama. The aim is to enliven what could be a somewhat dry study, without losing a disciplined approach to the structure of the English language.

Each term is 12 weeks long. There will always be an artistic speech class 1 1/2 hours in the morning. In this the student will develop an artistic feel for the language, through exploring storytelling, poetry and drama. Particular attention will be given to the stories of King Arthur, The Romantic Poets and the plays of Shakespeare. Christopher Garvey will be the course leader in respect of the artistic element. From 11 - 12.15 the students will work on English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with Penelope Webb.

Two more hours will be dedicated to the set books, English conversation, role plays, as well as studying other materials such as English newspapers. This part of the course will be led by Joanna Williams.

All aspects of this course are offered with the intention of the students taking the Cambridge Proficiency exam.

The course costs £1,500 per term.

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